Sensational seasonal fun!

This week we begin to look at all the seasonal changes and explore our wonderful weather even further.

We will be discussing how different weathers make us feel as well as brainstorming rain cloud words to form a word cloud. We’ll also have lots of fun as we hide different clothes under the parachute for us to collect as an answer to a question for example, collect me something that you would wear in winter. To reinforce all these wonderful discussions we will also be going on a seasonal walk looking for signs of autumn plus cloud watching…I wonder how many we will find!

Whilst in maths we will be exploring the concept of weight and we attempt to find plus test different ways to weigh items. For example making a coat hanger scale and a human scale. We’ll also be exploring how you can have similar quantities but the weighs can be different.

In more creative activities we will be acting out being and also walking in different weathers. We’ll also attempt some country dancing plus singing weather songs.

Physical activities this week see us attempting backward rolls as we did so well with forward rolls  plus we will also be practising passing a ball by kicking from one person to another.

Investigations this week see us exploring the leaves that we’ve been collecting by doing some leaf rubbings and then comparing the patterns. We will also be making a noisy wind chimes using different items.

Lots more fun in just a week!

Roar, roar, roar!

This week we turn our attentions to the endangered species as we explore animals around the world.

We begin the week with our book of the week called wild and free that introduces us to a variety of animals and where they come from.

In language we will going on an imaginary jungle safari adventure an ideal opportunity to use that amazing descriptive language plus new some new vocabulary. We will also be out and about in the garden going on a bug search…lifting logs and searching with our magnifying glasses.

Maths this week sees us enjoying some fantastic number songs that we can act out helping to introduce the concept of more and less or even sums.

Investigations this week we take a look at the globe matching animals to their countries using our book of the week. We will also be finding out more about our favourite animals as we search through our factual books to learn more.

In more creative activities we will making our very own animal puppets plus putting on a puppet show and singing a variety of animal songs. We will also be adding a splash of colour as parrots in our scarf dance this week!

We will also be perfecting our ball skills as we dribble balls around the cones and also get active learning how to do a forward roll.

The week will also provide us an opportunity to discuss safety and hygiene around animals plus take a brief look at animals that help us.

We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Animals around us!

This week sees us having lots of fun as we explore animals even further.

In language we will be identifying animal rhyming words as we attempt to continue a rhyming steins, we will also be describing and guessing the animals  plus making animal acrostic poems.

Whilst in maths we will be having fun with shapes in a variety of ways as we introduce some 2d shapes (and possibly 3d shapes for some). We will then be working as pairs to make and carry on patterns with shapes which is a little more tricky. Our friendly electronic bug bee bot will also be making an appearance this week as we programme it to go to certain shapes on the mat.

We will also be taking a look at the Jewish faith and we learn more about Rosh Hashanah.

More creative activities will see us using our experiences to act out different animals as well as learning a new dance called “it’s a bear”. Accompanying our book of the week we will also be singing fish songs….how many can you think of?

Whilst in more physical activities we will be practising our ball skills as we train as mini footballers and learn to dribble a ball around cones. After the fun of learning to mime not long ago we are also going to do more Miming in our copy cats activity …we await the funny moves and lots of giggles.

We will also be looking our for our feathered friends this week as we make them some special bird cakes and hang them in the garden. We will also be learning all about what we get from different animals too as we attempt to match the food to the animal.

All this squeezed into five days as well as lots of fun socialising with our friends! We await the fun!

And out popped a beautiful butterfly!

And out popped a beautiful butterfly!

Can you guess what our story is all about this week?….yes, it’s the wonderful story of the hungry Caterpillar and this week’s activities are all about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

In language we will be sharing the story and having a quiz to test our memories. We will also be drumming up a beat outside as well as a spot of bird matching and matching animals to their young.

Maths this week sees us exploring maths concepts using fruit from the story. So we will be weighing fruit, matching the right quantity of food to the number cards, sorting the fruit and also completing a shopping basket challenge too.

We will also be taking this opportunity to discuss Buddhism and how they believe in looking after insects etc and also about a healthy diet.

Sticking with the theme we’ve come up with some great physical activities from a fruit relay to wriggling through hoops.

More creative activities however will see us fluttering as butterfly in dance, acting out the lifecycle of a butterfly and singing some animal songs. Plus of course we will be doing butterfly prints in art.

Other activities this week will see us creating our own version of the lifecycle in  whichever form we wish and also having a go at making our own sandwiches.

Wow all this in one week…. We can’t wait to get started!

Animal antics!

This week we are moving on to a new theme all about animals and learning more about the children’s favourite ones plus introducing other not so common ones.

In language activities this week we are testing our memory skills as we enter into some fun games requiring us to remember a list of animals through our Kim’s game and also I went to the zoo and saw. We  will also be fact finding as we use books to find out interesting facts about animals to fill an outline of the animal. We will also be creating and exploring some animal story sacks too.

These activities will lead us into discussions about our own pets and how to look after various animals.

Whilst in maths this week we are learning how to sort objects by various properties such as size, height. We will also be introducing the children to our story maths scheme where we are able to bring maths into action.

This week will also see us becoming mini bakers as we attempt to bake some bread hedgehogs. We will also be investigating nests and will be working together to find the best way and best materials to use to make a nest for our feathered friends.

More physical activities this week will see us playing a new game mind the crocodiles and also fishy, fishy come swim in my sea which will be teaching us more about spatial awareness.

In more creative activities we will be acting out being different animals in our animal ring activity and finding ways to make different animal sounds which could get a bit noisy! We will also be learning how to draw different animals in art plus learning a shiny fish dance.

Lots of animal fun awaits us, we can’t wait.

999, What’s your emergency?

This week marks the arrival of our new term and we start the term with some fantastic activities.

As we welcome back more of our children and new starters we will be recapping our new golden rules. Explaining the art of robot arms and exploring how to wash our hands properly with our glitter germs activity.

In language to help get to know one another again we will be playing guess who as we describe a friend and others guess who it is. We will also be playing I spy and explore Mrs Brownings rhyme box. Plus we will be exploring a hygiene feely bag and making uniforms to different people in our who’s shoes activity.

Maths this week we introduce the concept of sorting as we sort seasonal clothes, colours and socks!

We will also be learning some 1st aid this week and following this will have lots of fun exploring paper mache as we make some plaster casts.

More physical activities will see us taking part in exercises and also a clothes relay race to test our skills of dressing.

In other creative activities we will be having lots of giggles as we act out different stages of life and also enjoying dancing to the mulberry bush. We will also be learning what a beat is in music as we repeat and then create our own using different toys.

All of this plus plenty of time to play and make new friends.

What an amazing first week back, we can’t wait to get started and look forward to many more adventures ahead.

Mini Doctors!

This week we continue with our theme of ourselves taking a closer look at our bodies.

As we begin to take a closer look we will be exploring what a pulse is and how to take it. We will then recap and going into greater detail naming different body parts.
To promote healthy living we will also be engaging in some great physical activities such as sticky kids exercises and of course doing head, shoulders, knees and toes.
In more creative activities we will be using our bodies to make sounds in our body percussions activity in music. We will also be acting our different chores such as mopping, cleaning windows and pegging out the washing. In art we will also be having a go at doing some observational drawings of ourselves!
Maths this week we will be taking a journey through our story maths as we explore different mathematical concepts through short stories with little challenges such as using positional language to describe how to load the removal van.
Whilst in literacy we will be completing a wonderful little writing activity to create a jigsaw all about ourselves.
Following on from this we will be discussing our family routines, taking a look at family photos plus going on a listening walk.
We will also be exploring our letter of the week through a special feely bag enabling us to use some fantastic descriptive language.
Wow, what another wonderful week!


This week we take a closer look at the superheroes in our families, whether this is a Supermum or a Superdad!

Taking a lead from our book of the week “Supermum” we take a journey looking at the relationship of adults and their little ones, comparing how human parents differ to animal parents in terms of how they feed them, carry the young and teach them.

In language we will be making funny faces using various items and describing the items that we use. We will also be taking a look at our family books and discussing different families as well as exploring the baby room.

We will also begin to take a look at different faiths using our wonderful picture books and also discuss healthy eating.

Maths this week we revisit height to reinforce our previous activities. We will also be completing our height chart and marking where we all are now compared to before and explore the difference. We will even taking our knowledge of height outside and compare heights outside plus have another go at using the tape measures which we really love.

We will also have lots of giggles as we attempt to have a go at mime and learn a superhero dance! Whilst in more physical activities we will be practising skipping with a rope and kicking a ball at a target.

We will also get the chance this week to make our very own salt dough faces, learning how to create the shapes and textures with and without equipment.

Finally our investigations this week see us expanding our knowledge of floating and sinking with a little experiment plus we will also be exploring our finger prints taking a peek through the magnifying glasses to see how unique we all are!

Another wonderful week ahead we can’t wait to get started.

Me and My Amazing Family

This week we’re taking a closer look at our bodies as we explore the theme me and my amazing family.

Indeed in language we will be discussing our families and routines. We’ll also be exploring mouth movements with our special magic mirror story.

We’ll also be sorting our wash basket as we match the letters to the clothes that begin with that letter.

We will also be doing some final school prep work with the older children as we discuss school and take a look at the differences of toys for older and younger children.

Whilst maths this week is all about one to one correspondence, matching one item to another. For example a sock to a shoe, a cup to a saucer. We’ll even have a go at setting a table place too.

Our investigations this week see us particularly testing our noses and exploring different smells in our smell test. We’ll also have lots of fun growing some cress heads!

We will be being creative acting out a lifecycle of a person, drawing self portraits and even learning how to do some body percussions.

We will be keeping active this week with us moving on 2 points of our bodies and attempting to kick a ball into a goal.

Another action packed week, but we will love every single minute.

Come fly with me!

This week we are taking inspiration from our book of the week on a plane.

In language we are going to do a spot of cloud watching describing what we can actually see in great detail…who knows what wonderful words we’ll learn. We’ll also be making our own silly rhyming soup and programming our bee bot to go to certain letters.

Whilst in maths it’s fun with numbers time as we dip under the parachute to find out number and also have a go at our number bucket challenge. We’ll also be using our theme of airplanes to find our numbered seats!

We will also be taking the opportunity to discuss travel safety and our countryside rules as many of us are visiting local beauty spots.

In creative activities we will be having lots of fun acting out directing a plane to land and soaring into the sky on our magic carpet ride in dance. Music will see us exploring weather sounds and finding ways to represent different weathers through music.

More physical activities will see us completing a fun flight attendant obstacle course….can we complete it without dropping out tray! And we will also have a go at moving on 3 body parts…it might be tricky but am sure we’ll find a way.

Finally our investigations this week see us exploring with magnets around the nursery and also investigating how rain clouds work in our little experiment.

What another action filled week, we can’t wait!