It’s Christmas!

This week we begin our Christmas themed activities and the children can’t wait to get stuck in.

We have lots of exciting things to do this week as we explore shapes in maths by going on a shape hunt, exploring a shape feeling bag and even learning some 3D shapes too. We’ll also be taking this opportunity to do a bit of sorting practice as we sort.decorations by various properties too.

As Christmas draws nearer we will also be discussing the importance of being thankful and discussing morals such as right and wrong.

In language our fun continues as we use descriptive language to describe baubles, writing a letter to Santa and making rhyming soup.

Our physical activities this week see us playing a game of Elf, Elf, Santa and also using our bodies to make different shapes.

Whilst in our creative activities we will be acting out the Nativity story, learning some party dances and learning even more new Christmas rhymes.

If this wasn’t enough we will also be discussing how people celebrate Christmas around the world plus make some very special manager cakes complete with little baby’s.

Wow, what a week we have planned. In addition to all this the children have Nativity Day to look forward too plus our daily Elf challenges.

Here at Chuckle Bunnies Christmas is in full swing!