What a wonderful world!

This week we travel around the world exploring the wonders of the world as we attempt to recreate a wonderful array of famous buildings from around the world.

We will also be investigating and taking a deeper look at different modes of transport.

Whilst in more creative activities we will be going freestyle in dance, learning our new Christmas rhyme if the week in music and acting out Christa’s rhymes in drama.

More physical activities will see us stretching to be different buildings and also have lots of giggles playing pass the balloon.

Tied in to travel we will also be discussing travel safety and also what to do if they got lost.

Our language activities this week will see us creating our own journeys using the you choose book, exploring rhyming words in our rhyming puppets activity plus play a game of Kim’s game using transport.

Maths this week sees us exploring position as we programme the beebot and place teddy in different positions.

Plus we will be having lots more fun and games during our Elf week….we are looking forward to lots of fun and games