Duck in the Truck

Click here to see video of the book on youtube

Tis week embark on adventures with duck in the truck with some exciting (yet educational) activities.

In language after reading the book we will be taking park in a memory story called “I went on a journey and saw…”. Plus we will be heading off on flying carpets for a story session as well as discuss different places around the world.

Maths this week we use the theme of vehicles to explore different maths concepts such as rolling a car to certain numbers, playing a traffic light game and even conducting a traffic survey!

Our investigations see us mounting a rescue to rescue the duck stuck in the mud and enjoying lots of mud themed activities in our forest school session. Plus we’ll also be making and testing paper aeroplanes.

We’ll also be discussing safety warnings around us and discussing the morals of the story.

In more creative activities we will be acting out the rhymes of the week and having a go at line dancing. We’ll also be enjoying different rhymes as we join in celebrating Nursery Rhyme week. You can never know too many rhymes!

We’ll also be having lots of fun doing star jumps this week and also learning the well known stuck in the mud game.

We can’t wait to get started, we look forward to sharing our adventures with our nursery family soon.