Wheels keep turning!

This week we will be exploring movement in its many form.

We will be taking to the road as discuss journeys we have been on. Using lots of descriptive language and positional language we will describe our journey from one place to another. We will also have a quick look at maps and discuss the many features on them.

Maths this week is all about numbers as we order them and use them for different purposes and games. We’ll even have fun driving cars into numbered spaces and doing additions with wheels.

Our creative activities this week see us acting out an imaginary journey, singing travel songs and even attempting to do the Mexican wave which am sure will give us lots of giggles.

More physical activities will see us practising our balance and co ordination as we walk along a rope pretending to be tight rope walkers. We’ll also be learning how to skilfully pass a ball between 3 people.

Investigations this week see us finding different ways to make bridges and then test them to see which work the best. We’ll also be testing our brains as we discover friction and how different materials work together as we explore our very own friction ramp.

Of course this week we will also be joining in remembrance Day and making poppies as well as discussing what the day is for.

And am sure there will be lots more fun besides, we can’t wait to get started.