Bang, Crackle, Pop!

Ahead of bonfire night we will be exploring weather and colour even further.

In our creative activities this week we will be learning a firework dance as well as acting out a fire emergency. Whilst in music we create a chat using descriptive words for fireworks.

We will also be taking this opportunity to discuss fire safety as well as staying safe when out at night.

Our language activities this week see us using descriptive language to describe weather but also brainstorming different types of weather whilst introducing other more extreme types of weather. We’ll also play guess the season and enjoy some wonderful short seasonal poems.

Maths this week’s sees us learning all about time as we discuss our daily routines and learn the difference between morning, afternoon and evening. We’ll also be having lots of fun making a hula hoop clock. This week also sees the return of our wonderful story maths scheme that will help to bring maths alive.

In more physical activities we will be putting use all the rolls we’ve learnt over recent weeks to create a sequence of rolls. Plus we will be adding to our ball skills as attempt to kick a ball to a cone.

Investigations this week will see us as budding gardeners as we plant cress plus explore and discover various ways to melt an ice cube! I wonder how many ways we can discover!

All this is one week…..!