Wow said the owl!

As we are welcoming all the amazing autumnal colours this week it seemed only fitting that we should expand on this as our theme. To accompany this weeks theme we also have a wonderful story called wow said the owl that the children we love.

Our language activities this week will see us looking at how colours help us such as reflective wear and traffic lights. We will also be discussing and learning lots more about owls as we read our book of the week. Plus we will also be exploring more about different types of birds too.

Maths this week is all about numbers as we play lots of games and learn new ones to help us become more familiar with them. For example we will be playing find the missing number, snakes and ladders and also programming the beebot to different numbers.

Our investigations this week are focused around the autumnal weather as we explore and learn more about clouds plus have a go at testing the waterproof of different materials.

More physical activities this week see us progressing onto sideway rolls and also playing a game of colour stations as we combine a variety of moves.

In creative activities we will be acting out the wonderful story of the week, practising our rainbow song as well as doing some very colourful ribbon dancing.

What a week, we can’t wait to get started!