Wish you were here!

This weeks adventures takes us flying through space and bobbing on the sea as we head around the world.

In drama we start our adventures by going on a magic carpet ride around the world whilst our dance this week takes us into the country to do a spot of line dancing.

Our physical activities see us practising our jumps and playing one of our favourite games the traffic light game.

In art we will be testing our concentration and attention to detail as we make paper aeroplanes to test.

Maths this week sees us exploring number games from dominoes, snakes and ladders, number snap, hop scotch and connect 4…wow we will be busy.

Our language activities this week sees us describing transport for a friend to guess, having fun with mirrors and going on a magic bus ride too. We will also be relaxing with our relax kids story Aladdin’s magic carpet.

We will also take this opportunity to reinforce travel safety as s we share our travelling adventures.

Our investigations this week see us making string rockets to zoom to one another and finding ways to make things travel on water.

Wow what a busy week, can’t wait to get started!

Slippery trails of the snail and the whale.

This week we set sail on an adventure with the wonderful story the snail and the whale.

We will be using this theme to discuss travel safety with the children and also about getting lost.

Maths will see us sorting this week as we attempt to sort for various purposes. For example colour with the beads, shapes with stickle bricks and of course size with the gummy bears.

In language we will be brainstorming travel words and using the book to draw out additional descriptive language. We will also be taking a journey in our letters and sounds activity Tony trains busy day.

We’ll be practising our animal moves, going on an underwater adventure on a yellow Submarine in dance and accompanying the song row, row your boat with the instruments in music.

We will also be practising jumping over a rope and learning how to hop.

We will of course be exploring the concept of floating and sinking plus look at ways we can effect whether an items floats or sinks.

In addition to that we will also be having a go at creating our very own dolminoe run.

We’ll be learning so much and having so much fun – for those of who school beckons in September we’ll be more than ready!

Let’s sail for an adventure!

Wheels keep turning!

We’re on the move taking a closer look at movement this week.

In creative activities we will be attempting the Mexican wave dance, playing pass the sound in music and even acting out driving different transport in drama.

More physical activities this week will see us completing an obstacle course and creating different moves to accompany different animals.

Maths this week is all about numbers in action as we roll the dice and do that amount of jumps, thread number beads into order and finding numbers under the parachute. We will also enjoy pegging the right amount of pegs onto number cards and play our number washing line game.

Language we will be having lots of fun with our Toby tongue story making different sounds and making sound effects for stories. We will also be enjoying movement poems and brainstorming different vehicles.

Our investigations this week we will be making kites to fly and also exploring which ramps work the best.

Another action packed week again.

Who’s Trip trapping across my bridge!

This week we take a journey through the wonderful story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. The story will take us on a journey through discussions on manners and being kind through to building bridges. 

Indeed, our investigations this week will see us discovering ways to make bridges to cross the river to rescuing princesses (or princes) from towers. 

In drama we will of course be acting out the story taking on different roles. Whilst in music we are going to get noisy recreating the famous stomp musical. 

More physical activities will see us jumping on 2 feet and learning to bounce a ball. 

Maths this week sees us learning all about weight with concept cat as we discover which things are heavier plus we will also learn how to use scales. We will even be attempting to make our own scales with carrier bags and also try making predictions on which will be heavier. 

In some of the language activities we will be making rhyming soup learning different sounds, we’ll also be playing a game of “guess who’s hat” – hopefully leading to discussion about the purpose of different head wear. We’ll of course be practising our new rhyme and taking a journey with a relax kids story. 

As well as all this fun, we will also be doing some observational drawings and having lots of fun.


Whatever Next!

This week we explore and take inspiration from one of our favourite stories “whatever next”.

We will be retelling the story with our wonderful story basket but we will also be using it as a provocation to explore how we can transport things from one place to another plus explore making and using trails.

In our language activities this week we will exploring a letter feely bag, playing a memory box games and making rhyming puppets. We will also enjoy our weekly relax kids story too.

Maths this week is all about writing numbers so we chosen to find different ways to write the numbers such as finger painting, with water, in sand and with chalk.

We will also be taking a look at our multi-faith books and discussing our golden rules with even more of our returning children.

Physical activities this week see us playing a game of grandmother’s footsteps and doing stretches to represent different buildings.

In more creative activities we’re off to see the wizard in drama and going on an underwater adventure. We’ll also be having a game of guess that tune.

Another action packed week.



Welcome Back

This week we take a walk through the wonderful story of Little red riding hood.

In our language activities we will be enjoying the story then testing our recall skills as we answer questions about the story. We will also be playing a game of “in the basket I would like” and enjoying some relax kids meditation stories.

Whilst in maths this week it’s all about shapes as we attempt to make 3d playdough shapes, go on a 3d shape hunt and naming 3d shapes too.

We’ll also be recapping the importance of personal space and hygiene as we see more of our friends returning.

In more physical activities we will be learning how to play tennis and enjoy a game of what time is it Mr wolf…. one of our favourites.

In creative activities we be acting out the story, finding different ways to move in dance and exploring fast and slow in music.

Our investigations this week see us undertaking an island rescue and baking some yummy bread.

Another action packed week that we can’y wait to enjoy with our returning friends.

Once upon a time!

This week we take a stroll through the land of fairy tale stories….from the 3 pigs to Cinderella.

In language we will switching on our best listening ears as we go in a listening walk, having a short mindfulness session with Cinderella plus having fun creating our own stories.

Whilst in maths our friend concept cat is back and we take a look at some different positional language. We’ll also be using our parachute to find numbers for some more number fun.

Our more creative activities this week see us getting into character acting our fairy tales and learning some traditional party dances. We’re predicting lots of giggles and tongue twisters as we give our boom, chicks, rocka activity ago.

Physical activities will see us recapping weathers in our weather stations movement game, we’ll also be reinforcing personal space by pretending to move as though we’re in a bubble.

Investigations this week will see us exploring the corners of our wonderful nature area as we go in a bug hunt lifting rocks to find the creepy crawlies. We will also be investigating strength of materials as we recreate the 3 pigs houses.

Another action week for our little ones.

What a beautiful day!

This week we’re diving into one of our favourite books we’re go on a bear hunt!

We’ll have lots of fun retelling the story as we create a story board for the story. We’ll also be learning our rhyme of the week and have fun playing with letters as we attempt to throw beanbags onto letter cards.

In maths we will introducing our concept cat who will be taking us on a journey through various concepts over the next few weeks, this week though he will be introducing positional language.

Our investigations this week see us investigating which mouth sounds such as ooo, aaah make the best bubbles and also conducting our very own raincloud experiment.

In physical activities we will be having a go at weather yoga and learning how to play a new game titled ” isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey”.

Our creative activities this week see us acting out the story as well as making sounds to accompany the story. We will also try our hands at ribbon dancing.

We can’t wait to get started.

Off to the beach!

This week we’re continuing to explore weather by heading to the beach.

In language we will be creating a seasonal word tree, playing a ball word game and exploring a feeling bag containing more unusual items.

Whilst in maths we dive into number story and rhymes as we listen to some classical number stories such as the 3 pigs, the hungry Caterpillar plus sing rhymes such as 5 little ducks.

We’ll also take the opportunity to discuss sun safety and general morals this week in preparation for the sunny weather

In more physical activities we will be learning to move in a space (ideal for reinforcing social distance rules) and learning to bat a ball to and from a friend.

Creative activities this week see us creating waves with the parachute in drama, having a go at a rain dance and beating a beat on a seaside bucket. In art we will also be mixing colours to match the colour of the leaves we collect.

Our investigations this week see us finding different ways to make various types of waves and learning to fold clothes as we pack a suitcase for the role play area.

Our role play area this week will be transformed into a beach complete with an ice cream stand.

Rain Glorious Rain

Taking our theme from recent weather we will be taking a look a closer look at rain and the effects of rain and wind.

In language this week we will be learning our rhyme of the week (I hear thunder), plus playing what’s in the bag guessing game and doing a spot of cloud watching. We’ll also be sharing the wonderful story of Walter’s windy washing line and matching laundry items to the letters they begin with.

Whilst in maths it’s all about the money as we take part in a number of activities based around this. For example matching the correct quantity of coins to the price tags, sorting coins, coin rubbings and even doing some sums with coins too.

We’ll also be sharing a few smiles as we play pass the smile and recap the importance of dental hygiene to keep our smiles look bright.

In more physical activities we will be taking part in a copy cats game and learning to bat a ball which is thrown.

More creative activities will see us learning a splash dance, making storm sounds with different instruments and objects plus learning to mix different shades of a colour.

Our investigations this week see us measuring rain fall and finding ways to dry some washing!

Our role play area this week will be transformed into a home.

We look forward to another action packed week.