Doing the animal bop!

This week we will be continuing the theme of movement by taking part and enjoying a variety of activities.

Taking the lead from our book of the week we will be acting our different animal moves and learning how to jump safely off objects.

We will also be using this opportunity to discuss road safety and also stranger danager.

We will also be having lots of fun in our magic carpet dance and singing animal songs.

In art our preparations are starting for Christmas as we make decorations for both home and nursery including footprint reindeers and snowmen paper chains.

We will also be learning about signs this week as we take a  look at their importance and also what they mean. This includes both road signs and signs in buildings.

We will also be exploring our letter of the week feely bag and writing letters to Santa.

Whilst in maths we will be sharing a selection of number stories such as the 3 bears, 3 Billy goats, 3 pigs and the 7 dwarves.

Our investigations this week see us having lots of fun exploring how water moves around plants in our colour celery challenge. We will also be making and testing boats using various materials too.

Another exciting week we can’t wait to get started.

Duck in the Truck

Click here to see video of the book on youtube

Tis week embark on adventures with duck in the truck with some exciting (yet educational) activities.

In language after reading the book we will be taking park in a memory story called “I went on a journey and saw…”. Plus we will be heading off on flying carpets for a story session as well as discuss different places around the world.

Maths this week we use the theme of vehicles to explore different maths concepts such as rolling a car to certain numbers, playing a traffic light game and even conducting a traffic survey!

Our investigations see us mounting a rescue to rescue the duck stuck in the mud and enjoying lots of mud themed activities in our forest school session. Plus we’ll also be making and testing paper aeroplanes.

We’ll also be discussing safety warnings around us and discussing the morals of the story.

In more creative activities we will be acting out the rhymes of the week and having a go at line dancing. We’ll also be enjoying different rhymes as we join in celebrating Nursery Rhyme week. You can never know too many rhymes!

We’ll also be having lots of fun doing star jumps this week and also learning the well known stuck in the mud game.

We can’t wait to get started, we look forward to sharing our adventures with our nursery family soon.

Wheels keep turning!

This week we will be exploring movement in its many form.

We will be taking to the road as discuss journeys we have been on. Using lots of descriptive language and positional language we will describe our journey from one place to another. We will also have a quick look at maps and discuss the many features on them.

Maths this week is all about numbers as we order them and use them for different purposes and games. We’ll even have fun driving cars into numbered spaces and doing additions with wheels.

Our creative activities this week see us acting out an imaginary journey, singing travel songs and even attempting to do the Mexican wave which am sure will give us lots of giggles.

More physical activities will see us practising our balance and co ordination as we walk along a rope pretending to be tight rope walkers. We’ll also be learning how to skilfully pass a ball between 3 people.

Investigations this week see us finding different ways to make bridges and then test them to see which work the best. We’ll also be testing our brains as we discover friction and how different materials work together as we explore our very own friction ramp.

Of course this week we will also be joining in remembrance Day and making poppies as well as discussing what the day is for.

And am sure there will be lots more fun besides, we can’t wait to get started.

Bang, Crackle, Pop!

Ahead of bonfire night we will be exploring weather and colour even further.

In our creative activities this week we will be learning a firework dance as well as acting out a fire emergency. Whilst in music we create a chat using descriptive words for fireworks.

We will also be taking this opportunity to discuss fire safety as well as staying safe when out at night.

Our language activities this week see us using descriptive language to describe weather but also brainstorming different types of weather whilst introducing other more extreme types of weather. We’ll also play guess the season and enjoy some wonderful short seasonal poems.

Maths this week’s sees us learning all about time as we discuss our daily routines and learn the difference between morning, afternoon and evening. We’ll also be having lots of fun making a hula hoop clock. This week also sees the return of our wonderful story maths scheme that will help to bring maths alive.

In more physical activities we will be putting use all the rolls we’ve learnt over recent weeks to create a sequence of rolls. Plus we will be adding to our ball skills as attempt to kick a ball to a cone.

Investigations this week will see us as budding gardeners as we plant cress plus explore and discover various ways to melt an ice cube! I wonder how many ways we can discover!

All this is one week…..!

Bubble pop!

This week we’re exploring weather in more detail especially the wet and windy kind!

In language we will finding words that rhyme with different weathers and also attempt to match clothes to the weather we would wear them in. We’ll also be having fun with the parachute finding items that we would wear in different weathers as well as brainstorming words to describe autumn.

With maths this week we are exploring and having fun with maths games. For example number snap, lotto, connect 4 and also one of our favourites what time is it Mr wolf.

Our investigations this week see us finding out and exploring wind power such as windmills. We will also be having fun creating our own bubble mixture and wands to see what makes the best bubbles.

In more physical activities we will developing the art of kicking a ball into a goal and well as learning teddy bear rolls….am sure this will leave us all in fits of giggles!

Whilst in more creative activities we will be acting out walking in different weather, being swooping owls in dance and singing lots of weather songs. We will also be collecting leaves and doing a spot of observational drawings too.

Another busy week for us here at Chuckle Bunnies where we don’t stop having fun!

Wow said the owl!

As we are welcoming all the amazing autumnal colours this week it seemed only fitting that we should expand on this as our theme. To accompany this weeks theme we also have a wonderful story called wow said the owl that the children we love.

Our language activities this week will see us looking at how colours help us such as reflective wear and traffic lights. We will also be discussing and learning lots more about owls as we read our book of the week. Plus we will also be exploring more about different types of birds too.

Maths this week is all about numbers as we play lots of games and learn new ones to help us become more familiar with them. For example we will be playing find the missing number, snakes and ladders and also programming the beebot to different numbers.

Our investigations this week are focused around the autumnal weather as we explore and learn more about clouds plus have a go at testing the waterproof of different materials.

More physical activities this week see us progressing onto sideway rolls and also playing a game of colour stations as we combine a variety of moves.

In creative activities we will be acting out the wonderful story of the week, practising our rainbow song as well as doing some very colourful ribbon dancing.

What a week, we can’t wait to get started!

Sensational seasonal fun!

This week we begin to look at all the seasonal changes and explore our wonderful weather even further.

We will be discussing how different weathers make us feel as well as brainstorming rain cloud words to form a word cloud. We’ll also have lots of fun as we hide different clothes under the parachute for us to collect as an answer to a question for example, collect me something that you would wear in winter. To reinforce all these wonderful discussions we will also be going on a seasonal walk looking for signs of autumn plus cloud watching…I wonder how many we will find!

Whilst in maths we will be exploring the concept of weight and we attempt to find plus test different ways to weigh items. For example making a coat hanger scale and a human scale. We’ll also be exploring how you can have similar quantities but the weighs can be different.

In more creative activities we will be acting out being and also walking in different weathers. We’ll also attempt some country dancing plus singing weather songs.

Physical activities this week see us attempting backward rolls as we did so well with forward rolls  plus we will also be practising passing a ball by kicking from one person to another.

Investigations this week see us exploring the leaves that we’ve been collecting by doing some leaf rubbings and then comparing the patterns. We will also be making a noisy wind chimes using different items.

Lots more fun in just a week!

Roar, roar, roar!

This week we turn our attentions to the endangered species as we explore animals around the world.

We begin the week with our book of the week called wild and free that introduces us to a variety of animals and where they come from.

In language we will going on an imaginary jungle safari adventure an ideal opportunity to use that amazing descriptive language plus new some new vocabulary. We will also be out and about in the garden going on a bug search…lifting logs and searching with our magnifying glasses.

Maths this week sees us enjoying some fantastic number songs that we can act out helping to introduce the concept of more and less or even sums.

Investigations this week we take a look at the globe matching animals to their countries using our book of the week. We will also be finding out more about our favourite animals as we search through our factual books to learn more.

In more creative activities we will making our very own animal puppets plus putting on a puppet show and singing a variety of animal songs. We will also be adding a splash of colour as parrots in our scarf dance this week!

We will also be perfecting our ball skills as we dribble balls around the cones and also get active learning how to do a forward roll.

The week will also provide us an opportunity to discuss safety and hygiene around animals plus take a brief look at animals that help us.

We can’t wait to get stuck in!

Animals around us!

This week sees us having lots of fun as we explore animals even further.

In language we will be identifying animal rhyming words as we attempt to continue a rhyming steins, we will also be describing and guessing the animals  plus making animal acrostic poems.

Whilst in maths we will be having fun with shapes in a variety of ways as we introduce some 2d shapes (and possibly 3d shapes for some). We will then be working as pairs to make and carry on patterns with shapes which is a little more tricky. Our friendly electronic bug bee bot will also be making an appearance this week as we programme it to go to certain shapes on the mat.

We will also be taking a look at the Jewish faith and we learn more about Rosh Hashanah.

More creative activities will see us using our experiences to act out different animals as well as learning a new dance called “it’s a bear”. Accompanying our book of the week we will also be singing fish songs….how many can you think of?

Whilst in more physical activities we will be practising our ball skills as we train as mini footballers and learn to dribble a ball around cones. After the fun of learning to mime not long ago we are also going to do more Miming in our copy cats activity …we await the funny moves and lots of giggles.

We will also be looking our for our feathered friends this week as we make them some special bird cakes and hang them in the garden. We will also be learning all about what we get from different animals too as we attempt to match the food to the animal.

All this squeezed into five days as well as lots of fun socialising with our friends! We await the fun!

And out popped a beautiful butterfly!

And out popped a beautiful butterfly!

Can you guess what our story is all about this week?….yes, it’s the wonderful story of the hungry Caterpillar and this week’s activities are all about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

In language we will be sharing the story and having a quiz to test our memories. We will also be drumming up a beat outside as well as a spot of bird matching and matching animals to their young.

Maths this week sees us exploring maths concepts using fruit from the story. So we will be weighing fruit, matching the right quantity of food to the number cards, sorting the fruit and also completing a shopping basket challenge too.

We will also be taking this opportunity to discuss Buddhism and how they believe in looking after insects etc and also about a healthy diet.

Sticking with the theme we’ve come up with some great physical activities from a fruit relay to wriggling through hoops.

More creative activities however will see us fluttering as butterfly in dance, acting out the lifecycle of a butterfly and singing some animal songs. Plus of course we will be doing butterfly prints in art.

Other activities this week will see us creating our own version of the lifecycle in  whichever form we wish and also having a go at making our own sandwiches.

Wow all this in one week…. We can’t wait to get started!