2016 Chuckle Bunnies Are Ready For School!

The children at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool – Swadlincote are ready for school and are celebrating!

Please do scroll down this page – there are a lot of photos and also a number of special videos!

It’s always a sad but exciting time when our older children leave Chuckle Bunnies to start at big school. The great part is we know that they are all very well equipped to make the most of the opportunities and challenges that are to come.

Emma Cotton, Nursery Manager said, ”It’s been great celebrating the successes of the children. Many of them have been with us since they were babies. It has been marvellous to see them grow and develop. It’s also sad to know they are leaving, but it really feels a privilege to have been part of their lives and provide them with the best possible start!”

As can be seen below they are jumping for joy!

They were all so pleased and proud that they didn’t just want a group photo – they wanted individual ones as well! Well, how could we say no? We feel their characters really came through.

The children all were given certificates that showed and confirmed they were “School Ready”. This wasn’t just a rubber stamp certificate – they only received it because we felt they were “School Ready”!

So what is “School Ready”? A very good question!

It’s a term that Ofsted and the EYFS have brought in. Some people love the term, some people hate it. But to be honest, if one just looks at it as “Being Ready for School” then it doesn’t sound so scary! Indeed we’ve always seen that as our aim in life. To help and support the children who attend the nursery to achieve what they are capable of and what they can. So, if this means they are ready to read then we will help them to do this. If they like running around, we will help them to do this to the best of their ability – but also to help them to learn that there is a time and a place for it.

We believe that if your child left us and couldn’t settle into school quickly and wasn’t confident in their new surroundings, we would have let them down. The certificate has on it the basics, but we felt that people would like to share in what the certificate showed. So we took some videos and because people can’t believe that we have children who can read before going to school, we’ve taken some short videos of them doing just that!

We hope you’ll enjoy the photos and videos. We are so proud of all of the children and wish them all the success for the future! They deserve it!!!!