30/03/2016 Bunnies in their own supermarket sweep

The children and staff at Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery, Swadlincote went on their very own supermarket visit on Wednesday 30th March 2016.

8 of the pre-school children aged 3 and 4 years put on their coats and went out into the community to their local supermarket. The children had previously discussed what they would buy and wrote their very own shopping list so they wouldn’t forget.

On their travels the children’s questions flowed as they asked what road signs meant and practised their ‘Green Cross Code’ when crossing roads.

The children bought items to make chocolate nest cakes and also items to tickle their taste buds so that they would learn more about the various tastes we are able to detect: i.e. salty, bitter, sweet and sour.

In the afternoon the children got deliciously messy as they created their chocolate nest cakes and wowed parents as they showed off their cookery skills when they took the cakes home.

Emma Cotton, Nursery Manager said, “The trip was a great success. There have been so many learning opportunities along the way and it was great to see the children out and about.