How Chuckle Bunnies Day Nursery and Preschool
and is providing a safe environment for
Staff, Children, Parents and Visitors

8th July 2021 - Letter from Dean Wallace (Director of Public Health) - Derbyshire regarding the Covid Variant D and new Symptoms and what to do.

Letter from DPH to Parents-Carers - 20210708.pdf

We have written this Standard Operating Procedure to demonstrate how (in overview) how we are COVID-19 Secure and provide a safe environment for all concerned.

COVID-19 SOP v005.pdf

The following document provides a detailed summary of the actions taken to ensure the nursery is COVID-19 Secure and providing a safe environment for all concerned.

Summary Of Actions Taken re COVID-19 Risks v003.pdf

The following document details additions to our charging policy relating to COVID-19. These elaborate our normal terms and conditions and help to explain the logic concerning how our terms and conditions will be applied during this COVID-19 pandamic.

COVID-19 Charging Policy.pdf

More Coming Soon